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LMC Model LT Light Truck Vulcanizers - T001

Tire Vulcanizers - LMC Model LT Light Truck Vulcanizers W/ Optional T031 Stand
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LMC Model LT Light Truck Vulcanizers - T001

  • SKU: LMC-T016 $1,721.14

Part No: LMC-T016



Patented piston/pad airhead produces professional-looking sidewall repairs that are unequaled in the industry.

Tread and shoulder areas are solidly repaired with constant pressure provided by contour plates and a spring-loaded compensating system.

The heat from both sides of the tire offers maximum repair efficiency.

Optional stand (T031) supports tire on roller assembly for easy rotation. The horizontal orientation of the spotter makes alignment with repair easy and eliminates stress from the repair area.

For proper operation Contour plate set, T153 contains 4 plates T078, T079, T080, T093 is required.

Available in 120 or 240 volts.


Shipping Volume: 2 cu ft.
Curing head size: 4 in
No. curing heads: 3 ea
Throat depth: 8 in
Troat height: 19 in


T192: Detent pin
T226: Frame
T227: Plunger
T228: Spring
T229: Inside heat unit extension shaft
T230: Telescoping assembly
T023: Heats units (2) - 3-5/16 dia.
T055: Contoured up silicone rubber heat pad (4 in dia)
T062: Silicone rubber air seal (4 in diameter)
T121: Detachable electrical cord for T055
T276: Steel air cylinder with a contoured lip
T277: Air hose w/fittings
T280: Panel mount air gauge
T274: Humphrey valve
T220: Pilot Light
T281: Circuit breaker
T123: Thermostat for 3 in HU
T124: Element for 3 in HU
T032: 1 Hour Timer

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