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Esco YAK 44/22 Ton Air/Hydraulic Portable Jack

Automotive - Esco YAK 44/22 Ton Air/Hydraulic Portable Jack

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Esco YAK 44/22 Ton Air/Hydraulic Portable Jack

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Part No: ESC-92005

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ESCO YAK 44/22 Ton Air/Hydraulic Portable Jack:

Air hydraulic jacks for heavy vehicles, lightweight and easy to handle, with removable handle. The pistons move back automatically; the two descent valves guarantee perfect holding in all situations and controlled speed under load. Our portable series par "excellence", all the reliability and practicality of our jacks in a more compact version. Ideal for keeping on board the vehicle and for who provides road assistance. They can work with the vehicles own compressors.


Capacity: 44/22 Ton, 40/20 Tonne
Net Weight: 82 lb (37 kg)
Working Air Pressure: 116-145 psi (8-10 bar)
A: 43.31" (1100 mm)
B: 38.78" (985 mm)
C: 19.7" (500 mm)
D: 10.63" (270 mm)
E: 6.69" (170 mm)
F: 3.46" (88 mm)
G: 3.27" (83 mm)
H: 6.73" (171 mm)
K: 8.11" (206 mm)
L: 11.81" (300 mm)
M: 22 Ton, 20 Tonne
N: 44 Ton, 40 Tonne


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