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LTI 1/2" Dr. Dual Side Lug Nut Removal Kit w/ Punch, 5 Pc - LT1230

LTI 1/2 Dr. Dual Side Lug Nut Removal Kit w/ Punch 5 Pc -
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LTI 1/2" Dr. Dual Side Lug Nut Removal Kit w/ Punch, 5 Pc - LT1230

  • SKU: LTI-LT1230 $65.00

Part No: LTI-LT1230



Are you frustrated by ineffective tools for rusted lug nut removal? Discover the LTI Tools 5-piece 1/2" Dual Side Impact Lug Nut Removal Kit. Crafted for professionals, this high-grade kit effortlessly handles rusted or caps-missing lug nuts. Its specialized impact sockets ensure seamless removal of stubborn nuts, making it an essential for automotive tasks. Engineered with durability in mind, these sockets offer dual-sided functionality, accommodating various lug nut sizes and styles. With the added punch for intricate jobs, this kit simplifies and expedites the process, a must-have for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


  • Dual-sided impact sockets for versatile lug nut removal.
  • Handles rusted, overtightened, or missing cap lug nuts.
  • 5-piece kit with a punch for intricate removal tasks.
  • Professional-grade, engineered for automotive enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Simplifies and expedites lug nut removal process.
  • Essential for automotive tasks, crafted for durability.
  • High-quality materials ensure robust and efficient performance.
  • Effortlessly tackles various lug nut sizes and styles.


Material: Harden Alloy Steel
Point: 6
- 18.5mm / 19.5mm
- 21mm / 21.5mm
- 1-1/16in / 27.5mm
- 22mm / 22.5mm
Weight: 2.2 lbs
Qty: 4 Sockets; 1 Punch

Ref No.
TSR1230 (Blue Point)

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Ref Name
Lug Nut Removal Kit
Dual Side Lug Nut Remover
Automotive Nut Extraction Kit


Automotive Repair Shops
DIY Car Maintenance
Tire Service Centers
Mechanics' Workshops


4 x Sockets
1 x Extractor Punch
1 x Red Vinyl Case

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