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Esco 10839 Yellow Jackit Combi Bead Breaker Kit

Esco 10839 Yellow Jackit Combi Bead Breaker Kit - Tire

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Esco 10839 Yellow Jackit Combi Bead Breaker Kit

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Part No: ESC-10839

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Introducing the Combi Bead Breaker Kit! This indispensable set includes everything you need to quickly and easily break beads on a variety of truck tires and rims. The kit includes the following items:

Model 10877 – Yellow Jackit 5 Quart Metal Hydraulic Air Pump. This powerful pump is perfect for a variety of rams, presses, and hydraulic tools, operating up to 10,000 psi. It features an internal load limiting device, and an air exhaust muffler for quiet operation, and is equipped with air and oil inlet filters to reduce the risk of contamination.

Model 10101 – ESCO Combi Bead Breaker Tool. This handy tool works on single, two, and three-piece truck tires/rims, breaking beads in seconds using 13.8 tons of force. The “Combi” Bead Breaker will not work on five-piece Earthmover giant wheel/rims – for those, you will need Model #10100 or Model #10105.

Model 10604 – 8′ Hose Assembly with Hose Coupler.

Model 10601K – 6″ Whip-Hose, Air Reducer.

Don’t get caught without the 10839 Combi Bead Breaker Kit.


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