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REMA Tip Top Nail Hole Repair Procedures For Passenger, Light Truck and Truck Tires

Posted by Beth Blysard on

WARNING:Always demount the tire from the wheel and complete a thorough tire and wheel inspection prior to returning components to service.


1. Repair products and materials used should be from the same manufacturer to ensure compatibility in the curing process. NEVER mix products from different repair material manufacturers.

2. Tire repairs are limited to the crown area only. DO NOT repair sidewall or should injuries.

3. NEVER use only a rubber stem or plug; or NEVER USE only a patch. Both materials must be used for a proper tire repair

4. Specific tire repair limits should be based on recommendation or repair policy of the tire manufacturer and/or the type of tire service.

5. Regardless of the type of repair used, the tire repair must fill the injury and seal the inner liner. This is achieved with either a two piece repair (stem and patch) or a one piece repair (patch/stem combo repair unit.)

6. Some “run-flat technology” tires cannot be repaired. consult tire manufacturer for their repair policy and, if applicable, for their recommended repair procedures.

7. Speed Ratings- Tire Manufacturer should be consulted for its individual repair policy.

8. Never use any rim that is bent, corroded, cracked or worn,

9. For speed rated tires, the tire manufacturer must be contacted for its individual repair policy- some manufacturers will void the tire speed rating if the tire has been repaired. Check whether the speed rating is retained after repair.

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